September 28, 2021

1837 – 2006 UK Deaths Index

One of the most difficult things to find when researching your family history are the dates of people’s deaths. Sometime the only hint you have is an appearance on one census but not on the next which gives you about 10 years of records to work through as a minimum. A common name can throw up literally hundreds of deaths in that period meaning narrowing it down can be time consuming.

Deaths between 1911 and 2006 can also be very difficult to find if you have no family anecdotes or personal knowledge to go on. All you may know is the person’s date of birth so after that it is a case of trawling through years of records trying to identify the correct death.

Freebmd has always been the death index to use but the coverage is not complete after 1950. So following their index of birth records and their marriage finder, the UK specialist Find My Past has now produced a full index of death records between 1837 and 2006.

Try it by clicking [here].

It isn’t perfect by any means, it still suffers from the bane of online indexes that is poor transcription and there is no immediately obvious way of notifying Find My Past about corrections. It would also be useful to be able to drill down a bit further; to registration area for example.

Here’s what Find My Past say about it:

Easily find records of your ancestors’ deaths using’s powerful new death records search

Following the transformation of our births and marriages, we have revolutionised how you search for your ancestors’ death records.

When you search, you will be presented with a list of individual names – no more searching through pages of results to see if your ancestors appeared on each page.

You can now search the following records in one go:

  • England & Wales deaths 1837-2006
  • British nationals died overseas 1818-2005
  • British nationals armed forces deaths 1796-2005
  • British nationals died at sea 1854-1890


Our new death records search will be especially useful if you’ve previously been unable to find your ancestors’ death records.

So, it isn’t perfect but it is certainly an improvement on what was available or the option of trawling through many years of records. It gets the thumbs up from me!

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