January 18, 2022

Archives for November 2009

DNA in Genealogy

A story hit the papers last weekend which highlights the growing importance of DNA testing to genealogy. Whilst we are familiar with DNA testing in criminal cases or to legally prove parentage, its use for genealogical purposes is perhaps lesser known. Kevin Percy, an antiques dealer from New Zealand has claimed that he is the […]

Child Migrant Sources

As Australia apologised to child migrants yesterday I thought I’d have a look at the subject and see where you could find sources for further research. Although the recent news articles have concentrated on post-war child migrants from England to Australia, the practice actually began in 1618 when one hundred “vagrant children” were rounded up […]

Children With 3 Parents ?!?

Yes, you read it correctly! According to the Daily Telegraph this week some Japanese scientists have successfully fertilised an egg that had two mothers. They evidently used eggs from young donors to repair eggs from older women in order to give them more chance of fertilisation. So technically the child will have genetic material from […]

First Blog Post

So, what to write in a first blog post? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog that didn’t have three years of posts in it but as I’ve only just got this website up and running; this blog starts today! For the technically minded; I’ve just spent 3 days working out how to fit […]