September 28, 2021

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Blog to Facebook Test

I’ve been investigating updating my Facebook page from my blog and after a bit of poking about I think I’ve got it working. But the only way to find out is to write a blog post and see if it appears on the Facebook page, so here goes!

Is This The Shortest Dade Register?

It would seem that a Bishop did not have as much power over a curate as you might think. I was at Durham Record Office the other week looking to prove a couple of relationships and hopefully trace a family line for a customer. A couple had had some children between 1780 and 1812 so […]

Primo George Dunk K. O. M.

I wasn’t entirely sure what a “Primo” was or for that matter what the letters K.O.M. stood for but I did know this was an impressive medal and that George Dunk must have been an important member of the St Leonards R.A.O.B. lodge. So I thought I’d see if I could find out who he […]

Projects and Artefacts

I’m going to use this page to write about some of my own projects, large and small, that I’m working on. I’m doing my own family history but that might end up as a separate web site, I’m writing up my house history too so that might feature as well. I also acquire things that […]

K. Pearson

I would like to say how grateful I am for your help and I would not hesitate to contact you again if there was anything else I needed help with.

Railway Ancestors at The National Railway Museum

I was asked recently to do some research for someone on an ancestor of theirs who worked for one of the railway companies. Now, the majority of railway employee records are held at the National Archives so I wasn’t sure how I could help but a call to The National Railway Museum opened my eyes […]

J. Megginson, York

“Thank you so much Paul for all your hard work, I have been delighted with everything.” J. Megginson, York.