April 5, 2020

Finally back to the land of the living!

I’ve been a bit up and down for the last year or so but finally my health is on the up and improving. So I’m tentatively taking on work again as I can concentrate again and am physically able to travel without getting too tired. I’ve been working on a couple of personal projects just […]

A Man With Two Surnames – John William Mennell

Quite often people work backwards to an ancestor and then that ancestor seems to just disappear without trace. A family history brick wall, as it is called. That’s usually when I get involved! Back in 2015 I did a family tree for a customer and their great-great-grandfather was one of these people. What follows is […]

Back To Work After A Long Layoff

As you can see from the empty blog (nothing written since 2013!) I’ve had a bit of a layoff from work. I’ve had serious health problems, which you can read about here, but I seem to be on the mend (fingers crossed). I’ve done bits and bobs of work but nothing major for the last […]

Another First World War Project

I’ve recently started a project for my local history group; St Clements Local History Society, as part of a number of projects commemorating next years centenary of the beginning of the first world war. I decided to look at the street where I live, and the two other streets branching off it, and see how […]