September 28, 2021

Finally back to the land of the living!

I’ve been a bit up and down for the last year or so but finally my health is on the up and improving. So I’m tentatively taking on work again as I can concentrate again and am physically able to travel without getting too tired. I’ve been working on a couple of personal projects just […]

A Man With Two Surnames – John William Mennell

Quite often people work backwards to an ancestor and then that ancestor seems to just disappear without trace. A family history brick wall, as it is called. That’s usually when I get involved! Back in 2015 I did a family tree for a customer and their great-great-grandfather was one of these people. What follows is […]

WW1 Photo Mystery Solved

Well, I did solve it but it had already been solved, let me explain. I got back from holiday on Saturday and in the pile of post waiting for me was the Locallink magazine for February 2013. Browsing through it on Sunday I noticed a short article entitled “Faces From The Past” which showed a […]

Is This The Shortest Dade Register?

It would seem that a Bishop did not have as much power over a curate as you might think. I was at Durham Record Office the other week looking to prove a couple of relationships and hopefully trace a family line for a customer. A couple had had some children between 1780 and 1812 so […]

Railway Ancestors at The National Railway Museum

I was asked recently to do some research for someone on an ancestor of theirs who worked for one of the railway companies. Now, the majority of railway employee records are held at the National Archives so I wasn’t sure how I could help but a call to The National Railway Museum opened my eyes […]

Gravestones on the North Yorkshire Moors

I hadn’t planned to head up onto the Yorkshire Moors just before Christmas but that’s what I did after being contacted from this website in early December. I was asked to go to Westerdale and take photographs of around a dozen family graves there. Now, I had to admit I didn’t know where on earth […]

South Yorkshire Archives

This week I’ve been trying to identify an early emigrant to Australia and to do so I needed to visit a couple of archives in South Yorkshire. Now I spend most of time researching in York so I have to remind myself what records are where when it comes to South Yorkshire and this isn’t […]

1837 – 2006 UK Deaths Index

One of the most difficult things to find when researching your family history are the dates of people’s deaths. Sometime the only hint you have is an appearance on one census but not on the next which gives you about 10 years of records to work through as a minimum. A common name can throw […]

A Surreal Day in York FHS Research Room

I spent yesterday afternoon manning York Family History Society Research Room, I volunteer for this about 2 days a month. Normally it isn’t very busy; a couple of visitors and a few phone calls to answer,  so I generally take a bit of research work to do whilst I’m there. Yesterday started off without any […]