September 28, 2021

Back To Work After A Long Layoff

As you can see from the empty blog (nothing written since 2013!) I’ve had a bit of a layoff from work. I’ve had serious health problems, which you can read about here, but I seem to be on the mend (fingers crossed). I’ve done bits and bobs of work but nothing major for the last […]

Gravestones on the North Yorkshire Moors

I hadn’t planned to head up onto the Yorkshire Moors just before Christmas but that’s what I did after being contacted from this website in early December. I was asked to go to Westerdale and take photographs of around a dozen family graves there. Now, I had to admit I didn’t know where on earth […]

1837 – 2006 UK Deaths Index

One of the most difficult things to find when researching your family history are the dates of people’s deaths. Sometime the only hint you have is an appearance on one census but not on the next which gives you about 10 years of records to work through as a minimum. A common name can throw […]

First Blog Post

So, what to write in a first blog post? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog that didn’t have three years of posts in it but as I’ve only just got this website up and running; this blog starts today! For the technically minded; I’ve just spent 3 days working out how to fit […]