May 25, 2020

Family History Research Services

I am a family history researcher living and working in York. I can carry out a range of family history research services in Yorkshire and these are described below and on other pages. Find out more about me on the “About Me” page and see what my customers think on the Testimonials page.

Family History Research Services in York & Yorkshire.

Family history research services in York and YorkshireIf you can’t get to the area or are too busy then I can carry out local research in York at any of the York record offices and archives.

I can also carry out family history research for you at all the local record offices and archives throughout Yorkshire. See the Local Research page for more details.

York is an excellent base for family history research in Yorkshire. As well as having one of the main Yorkshire archives on my doorstep (The Borthwick Institute), York is in the centre of Yorkshire and really well connected, so the majority of Yorkshire archives are only a short train ride away.

Family Trees

Although I concentrate on Yorkshire family history research, I can research your full family history, a single surname or give you some help to start researching on your own. No matter where you live or wherever your family is from. Please have a look at my Family Tree Packages for more details.

Brick Walls

Sometimes you just come up against a brick wall; a person seems hard to pin down or impossible to find. Perhaps I can help you if you are stuck with a family history problem? I can’t guarantee I’ll solve your problem, you’ve probably been looking for a long time, but I may be able to point you to a resource or a line of research that you hadn’t looked at. Two heads are always better than one!

Get in touch

If there are any other family history research services that you’d like me to look at or if you would like to discuss anything with me then just drop me a line.


My fees for general research work can be found here