May 25, 2020

Family History Photography

If you’d like a picture of something to do with your Yorkshire ancestors I can take some photos for you. You may want pictures of a gravestone, a family house, a shop that your ancestors owned or lived in, the school they went to, the church they were married in or just general pictures of the local area.

I’m not a professional photographer but with a modern digital camera I can take clear pictures of whatever location you would like, providing it still exists.

I’m happy to carry out work pretty much anywhere in Yorkshire but before I travel I need to be sure a place still exists.

What does it cost?

I charge my normal rate of £15 per hour, £50 for a half day or £90 for a full day plus any travel expenses (train fare at cost or mileage at 40p per mile). I don’t charge travel expenses for work in York as I can get everywhere pretty easily on my bicycle.

I can email digital photographs for no extra charge.

I can produce a CD with all the photographs on and post it to you for an extra charge of £5.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like a quote for some work.