May 25, 2020

Full Family Tree

These packages do exactly what they say on the tin! All your ancestors mapped out at least as far back as your 16 great-great-grandparents and possibly further.

Find out exactly what makes you who you are by discovering all the people in recent history that have contributed to your genetic make-up.

An example of a full family tree

A recent project

In this package I will research your full family history back as far as possible using online resources with the aim of identifying your 16 great-great grandparents as the minimum. This usually includes around 5 or 6 generations stretching back to the early 19th century or even the late 18th century.

I have full subscriptions to, and the genealogist which together cost more annually than this package.

I will put together your tree on so that you can view progress online (ancestry subscription not required) and you can also allow other people to view the tree. It will be private so it can not be seen by anyone other than those you invite to view it.

I can provide a family tree chart showing your family tree back through the generations, a narrative report detailing each generation showing their children and describing who they were and where they lived; a documents file organised by family groups which will contain prints of census records, certificates and copies of any other documents found; and an interactive CD allowing you to view the relationships between all people found as a result of the research.

The cost of this package depends on what you want:

  1. Basic package – Tree on ancestry back to 16 great great grandparents with family tree chart on continuous paper: £200.00
  2. Full Package – As Basic plus; a documents file organised by family group and generation including prints of all census records, certificates and any other documents and records found, a narrative document setting out your ancestors by generation explaining who they were and what they did, an interactive CD allowing you to view the details of all people found as a result of the research: £500.00
  3. De-Luxe Package – As the full package but the narrative document will be expanded into a book which can include family stories and copies of any family photographs you may have. Images of your main ancestors (where avaialable) will also be included on the family tree chart. The book and the documents file will come in a leather bound folder: £1000.00

To order any package, simply click on the button below to pay a deposit of £100 by credit card (you do not need a PayPal account):

On receipt of your order I will contact you and we can begin. If you have any questions you’d like to ask before ordering, please contact me. I will invoice you for the balance at the end of the project.

Further research

For any package I can carry out further research to take ancestral lines further back in time. However it should be understood that the further back in time one goes, the less records are available and many are only contained in local archives or libraries. Further research is charged at my normal hourly rate plus expenses and generally takes some time to achieve results.

Please Note:

The cost of each package includes my research time and all the items listed above.

However, it does not include the cost of certificates. In order to correctly identify people and also find out about their parents and/or other relatives it will be necessary to obtain a number of birth, marriage and possibly death certificates. These are obtained from the General Register Office and are charged at cost price of £9.25 per certificate.

I do not include the cost of certificates as it is impossible to say how many will be needed prior to beginning the research. You may already have some or may be able to obtain them from your relatives, records may be available online or other research may provide enough proof to definitely identify people and their relatives without requiring certificates.

My experience has shown that for a family tree going back 5 or 6 generations; around 10 certificates may be needed. If the main surnames are unusual it may be less than this, if they include Smith, Jones or something similar it is likely to be more!

The cost of the packages also assumes that your family was born and lived in England or Wales. Other areas such as Scotland can be researched but some additional costs may incurred in order to access these countries’ records.

Finally, it should be understood that genealogy is not an exact science. Finding ancestors and successive generations relies on there being sufficient records available to correctly identify them. It also relies upon the information in those records being accurate which is not always the case.

In the unlikely event that I cannot accurately trace your family, I will of course adjust my charges to reflect the research I have still had to do.