May 25, 2020

Help If You’re Stuck

Has you’re Family Tree research hit a brick wall?

Researching your family history is an enjoyable and rewarding pastime but it can be quite frustrating when an ancestor proves particularly elusive.

It can be all to easy to come up against a brick wall, there are many reasons for doing so and it happens to everyone.

Quite often all that is needed is to give the problem to someone else as they may see it in a different way to you and will not be emotionally involved in the process.

If you would like me to have a look at your problem, give you some advice or carry out some research for you then please contact me to discuss your problem. From there we can work ut what needs to be done and a budget for any work you require me to do.

Please Note:

I cannot guarantee to solve your problem, no doubt you have been working on it for some time. But I will endeavour to help you solve it and also confirm your research work.

In order to help in the most efficient way, the first thing I will need to know is what research you have done already. If you can email scans of certificates and documents that will be really helpful. Also, if you have already put a tree together on ancestry or a similar online service I’d be grateful if you would give me access.

The more information you can give me, the more likely it is that I can help you.