May 25, 2020

Local Research

Very few people find that their ancestors came from the same area that they live in. Within only a couple of generations it is all too common to find that your ancestors originate at the other end of the country or the other side of the world!

If your ancestors come from Yorkshire and you find you cannot travel to do your own research; I can carry out your research for you.

I know how frustrating it can be to travel a long way to visit a record office and then either run out of time or not find the information you are looking for during your visit. My male family line all originate in Cornwall and I have ancestors in Devon, Wales and Scotland. I do have one line in the North East but not a single ancestor in Yorkshire.

When the cost of train travel and accommodation is taken into consideration it can be much more cost effective to have someone local and familiar with the local archives look at records for you and report back.

I carry out research mainly in York but can also travel to any of the other major record offices and keep expenses to a minimum as York is central and well connected to the rest of Yorkshire.

If you require research carrying out at any of York’s archives and record offices then have a look at my York Family History Research pages. For research in other areas of Yorkshire please see my Yorkshire Family History Research page.