September 28, 2021

New Searchable UK Marriage Index

Those marvelous people at have just announced the launch of what they are calling “MarriageMatch“.

This is effectively a means to search the entire UK Marriage Records Index from the beginning of Civil Registration in 1837 right up until 2005.

You can search by entering one or both partners’ names; entering a range of years and narrow down your search to an individual or range of counties. The results of the marriage search can be ordered in a variety of ways; by marriage year (oldest or youngest first), by marriage name (A to Z or Z to A) or you can just let FindMyPast select the most relevant order based on your query.

As anyone who has had to trawl through pages and pages of indexes trying to track down a marriage will realise, this is a massive boon for genealogists.

This is what FindMyPast have to say about the difficulties of manually searching the indexes for marriages:

One of the main difficulties with searching marriages is the need to search for both spouses separately, and then compare the registration district, volume and page numbers to see if the two match up. Even worse, because more than one marriage is recorded on a single page of the GRO indexes, even if you manage to match up two potential partners, it is always possible that they actually married someone else on the same page of the index that you haven’t tracked down.

Another major challenge is finding wives when you do not know their maiden name. Often you will come across a new branch of your family in a census and identify a new husband and wife, listed under their married surname. Finding the husband in marriage records is generally possible, but without knowing the wife’s maiden name, tracking down the marriage can often be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

It also adds to FindMyPast’s other recently introduced search facility that allows one to search the entire index of UK Birth Registrations in a similar way.

With these two new search methods it is well worth either subscribing to or if you are not ready to take the plunge then just take their offer of a 14 day trial.

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