13 Upper Price Street

1911 Census Occupants

George Avison, aged 65, a Heraldry painter (NER) born in York, Yorkshire.

Sarah Ann Avison (George’s wife of 40 years), aged 63, born in York, Yorkshire.

Blanche Avison (the Avisons’ daughter), aged 36, a costume draper’s buyer born in York, Yorkshire.

Gertrude Grives (the Avisons’ servant, shown as married for 4 years), aged 24, a general domestic servant born in York, Yorkshire.

York Municipal Register of Voters 1912-1913, 1913-1914, 1914-1915

George Avison

1913 Kelly’s Directory of North & East Ridings and The City Of York

George Avison, painter


13 Upper Price Street was demolished in the Zeppelin raid of May 2nd, 1916. George and Sarah Avison were both killed when a direct hit demolished the house.

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