A Long Gap in the Project

I last posted something on this project back in December 2013 and since then nothing seems to have happened. Unfortunately I have had some serious health issues and the treatment and recovery has taken some time and energy, I still don’t know if I will recover. This along with some other projects simply had to be put to one side.

However, in that time I have continued with the research on families and have also seen the deeds for 3 other properties in the area, so I do have quite a lot of information to add to the site. I had intended to follow the fortunes of the area as the First World War progressed but nearly 2 years have been missed, I do wonder if it is still relevant. I may change the site to a more general one concerning the history of the area.

Over the next few months I’ll try and catch up by adding information I have gained over the last few years and also complete the research of the familes present in the streets during World War One. After that I will do a bit more research on the interesting people that I uncover.

Enough talk, some action needed now.


  1. Good to read another post from you, Peter! Your project is a really useful and important contribution to the history of the area.

    And all the best with your health.

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