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Upper Price Street York

Upper Price Street in 2013


I’m a family history researcher living in Upper Price Street, York; I’m a member of the York & District Family History Society and am also involved with the newly formed St Clements Local History Group. As part of the latter group, during a discussion of possible projects for the centenary of World War One I offered to look at how the Great War affected the lives of people living in the street where I now live.

I decided that as well as looking at Upper Price Street I’d also cover the side streets of Gray Street and Scarcroft View as they form a well defined but (hopefully) manageable area. I’ve decided to use the 1911 census information as the start point for the project then look at the occupants of the houses and how their lives were affected from that point onwards. I plan to look at both the family history and the local history aspects of the streets and their occupants and hopefully I’ll unearth some interesting stories.

If you can provide any help or information please get in touch. I’d really like some photographs or stories about the houses, streets or people, I’d also like to hear from descendants of those people who lived in the streets during the WW1 period or later.


  1. Hello,

    I’m a primary school teacher in York. I’ve been doing a bit of WW1 research for our topic. The book ‘York in the great war’ by A J Peacock is full of information and quite an informative read, if you haven’t found it already! There are pictures of George Avison, the gentlemen killed at 13 Upper St in the Zepplin Raid 1916, but I’m sure you’ve found those already!


    • Paul Thomas-Peter says

      Hi Lizi,

      I have all three of Alf Peacock’s books on York before, during and after WW1 but I can’t find a picture of the Avisons in any of them.


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