Absent Voters List Information Entered

Absent Voters List Information Entered


I’ve now caught up and entered the information for Gray Street from the Absent Voters list so that is all the entries I have for the three streets entered. I’ve also realised I haven’t got the date of the list I’ve been using but I know it is in the library so that is another thing to find when I visit.

I’ve also entered the 1911 census information for 1, 2 & 3 Scarcroft view which I found by looking up the absent voter from No 3, but there is still no sign of the 1911 census for numbers 4 & 5 – I’m sure they must be there somewhere. The electoral roll may help identify the occupants so another reason to visit the reference library.

I’m beginning to realise the enormity of the task I’ve set myself! There are an awful lot of people to research – families who moved out, families who moved in, sons not listed on the census as they had already married and/or left home, husbands of daughters wh had married etc etc. It’s probably a good job the war lasted 4 years as that gives me just over 4 and a half years to do justice to this project!

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