Researching the people

I’ve been busy with other things during June and July (holiday, sailing, work) but although I haven’t put an update on here I have started researching the people who lived in the houses. For anyone with access to Ancestry; I’ve started a tree for the project (and made it public), it can be found at

One of the more difficult things to decide on was how to present the information, I’d like to show full family history information but I also want to be able to update people’s stories as I research them. I’ve found a few tools that might help but most of them are too rigid and take a one time publishing approach assuming you’ve done all the research you’re ever going to do, which, as anyone who has researched their family will know, is never the case!

I’ve decided to write any local history up on the pages for the relevant street or specific house as appropriate and produce separate pages for each family. If I turn up a particularly interesting story this might warrant a page of its own but hopefully the site won’t become too labrynthine.

I’ve started with 1 Upper Price Street, which was a butcher’s shop, and so far got as far as No 4 where I live, so it looks like it might take some months to get through all three streets. In this first pass I’m just going to find out who the people that I’ve collected the names of actually were and try not to get too distracted by any interesting stories.

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