September 28, 2021

York Family History Society Research Room Volunteer

I thought I’d help out my local family history society and so I volunteered to staff the York Family History Society Research Room for a couple of half days each month.

York Family History Society Research Room

The research room is open from 10am to 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year and is staffed by volunteers from York Family History Society.

It has internet access, access toĀ  and plenty of room to work as well as a host of other resources for tracking down ancestors. A full catalogue of the holdings is available on the York Family History Society website [here].

It is obviously biased towards research in York and so the majority of the books, parish register transcriptions and other CDs are relevant to York and the surrounding area.

York Family History Research Room

I’ve now acted as staff three times and am enjoying it immensely. Although it is rarely busy there is always somebody visiting either to carry out work for the society, to research their York ancestors or just for a bit of help. The volunteers will always help people out with their research when they can but it isn’t a substitute for doing your own.

If you want to visit it is always worth calling ahead to make sure you can be fitted in and to ensure that the resource you want to look at is available. There is a small charge for non-members to use the facilities.

If you do visit maybe I’ll be that day’s volunteer so we can say hello!


  1. Just found your excellent write up (with new photos too !) on the Study Centre Paul, thank you ! I’ll certainly be passing it on to Committee and others, so I hope you have some feedback from this.
    Will you be at the Fair on the 26th?

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